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ELDVBEL150 Electronic Digital Door Viewer

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Fully Integrated Digital Camera – LCD Display & Doorbell

  • Takes still images per doorbell press
  • LCD Display: 3.5″ TFT
  • Camera Resolution: 320 x 240
  • 0.3 Mega Pixels CMOS
  • Viewing Angle: 160°
  • Infrared camera with night mode

The ELDVBEL150 provides an expanded field of view (160°) from a comfortable viewing distance. It is fast and easy to install onto new construction or retrofitted to existing doors and requires no external wiring. The 3.5 inch LCD monitor mounts on the inside of the door and provides a large, clear view. The high resolution color camera-doorbell unit is mounted outside of the door and delivers a sharp image every time the doorbell is rung.

A simple press of the doorbell button produces an audible 4-cycle chime and a live video image of the entire area outside of the door and is displayed on the LCD monitor and stored automatically. Up to 100 images can be stored and is available for later viewing. It has a built-in automatic infrared feature for night time or low-light conditions.

The ELDVBEL150 installs in just a few minutes using a standard power drill for new installation or retrofit existing conventional door viewer. The battery life is approximately 1500 X 15-second viewing cycles. In normal operation, the batteries last for one year.

The ELDVBEL150 adds value to your home, condo or apartment units, not only for its high-tech appeal but also for the added security and precaution you can take compared to conventional door viewers.

It comes in Gold, Silver and Duro finishes to complement or match the finishes on your door and/or door hardware.

The Electronic Digital Door Bell and Viewer (ELDVBEL150) is an innovative product designed to replace conventional peephole door viewers with a combination of a door bell and an electronic video system that delivers on-demand and high quality images. This avoids caller from the outside to see any movement from the inside when they come knocking. Unwanted callers can be ignored or screened without them knowing there are people inside. Ensures your privacy is protected.

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